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Most teams want more than to simply complete an agenda. They’re also looking for an enriching emotional experience, strengthening the personal bonds that enable them to excel. Together. Marbach’s event professionals are recognized experts in delivering activities to help your team form stronger emotional bonds to enhance creativity, motivation and teambuilding.

Our team and external partners are available to craft event packages that will inspire and bond your team and enhance its value to your business. Here is a glimpse into the world of experiences available at Marbach. And rest assured, there is much more.

If you prefer a personal consultation for the perfect teambuilding event at Lake Constance, we are of course also available for that: +49 7735 8130 or Contact.
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Abenteuer Everest

Adventure Everest

Immerse yourself into another world, develop success strategies, overcome boundaries and feel the team spirit. Adventure Everest creates unforgettable experiences and insights, which continue in daily life.

Amazonas in Schloss Marbach


The entire team crosses as quickly as possible a toxic swamp. The marshes include some islands (e.g. stone blocks) in knee deep water. With the help of boards (which are quite short) that must be overlaid cleverly, the team moves from one...



On mobile shooting stands you can leisurely test different bows (longbow, recurve- and hunting bow). Our training staff approaches with you the art of archery step by step and organizes at the end of this session a short competition to...

Schloss Marbach Kegelbahn

Bowling alley

Bowling is such a popular way to do teambuilding with the built-in fun factor. Just for fun or as a point game, many an undiscovered talent makes for surprises when it comes to bowling. A self-service bar takes care of the needs of a...

Erleben Kanadierfahrt


With our in-house Canadian boats you can cross the “Untersee”, cover a distance with or against the current. Subsequently, you can relax on the lakeside with some refreshments. 7x4er boats and 1x10er boat. Additional boats can be rented. In...



The target of this game is to create a predetermined, invisible way across a carpet of chessboard-like fields. If an incorrect field is entered, an alarm sound and the team has to start again. Thus, it can be found the proper way in order...


Chain reaction

Creative new ideas for your team. This team event boots your creativity! Discover new chain reaction variations!


Climbing wall

By participating at our 15 meter high climbing wall the achievements of a team become visible when team members support and motivate each other. Every three participants try to climb the wall in a team as fast as possible. They cross a path above climbing handles, short wooden beams and rope pieces to reach the summit of the climbing wall as close as possible. The ground team secures and supports the climbers. The intensive cooperation within the 3er teams awakens the team spirit and allows performances which are initially designed to be impossible.

Sinnes Parcour

Course of the Senses

Here, all five senses will be needed, no matter whether in the sound cabinet, the scent station, when tasting, in the black box, or when watching highly concentrated. Small teams will collect as many data as possible, which will be...


Float building

Your challenge will be to build seaworthy rafts and go on a common cruise over a defined course. The teams will be provided with a material pool covering barrels, logs, planks, ropes, and tension belts. Each raft will undergo a thorough...



By participating at our Olympics, the participants get to know each other better, elaborate solutions, manage tasks and spend an exciting day in a relaxed atmosphere. In small teams stations, for instance, the team saw with a giant saw or a...


Gigantic ski

In groups of approximately 5 persons, the participants obtain a gigantic ski (pairs from squared timbers with hand loops) to pass a given distance in a very short time. Therefore, the challenge is to find a moving technique, a common rhythm...


Golf try-it-out course

Our idyllic 2-hole golf course with driving range and putting green provides the perfect backdrop for a first glimpse into the world of golf. With an experienced golfer, you will become accustomed to the basics of the game in a small group...


Guided tour

Guided tours take you through the woods of the Marbach Castle, through the narrow tops or along the panoramic path of the Lake of Constance and the surrounding villages. A rest with refreshment is inclusive depending on the route you have...



The group is set up in two long rows, opposite to each other, shoulder to shoulder. All participants stretch out their index finger on which is placed a single long rod. Now the group has to lower the rod down to the ground, the rod has to...

Highland Games

Highland Games

There can only be one…clan. Work closely with your team to get the best chance at winning. The Highland game's event include various games in which you have to prove yourselves as a team, that you’re true highlanders.


Marbach Triathlon

A combination of water, land, and bike enables you to get to know all facets of our environment. We are pleased to arrange an individual tour of cycling, hiking and/ or canoeing depending on your available time frame and group size. A rest...

Erleben Mountainbike

Mountainbike tour

You can explore the surrounding countryside, forest, the impressive view of the “Untersee” as well as the alternate seafront of Switzerland by taking part at one of our mountain bike tours. Sporty ambitious people can venture the route to the “Schierenberg”. The use of our new mountain bikes is free, there are about 30 mountain bikes available and bike helmets are available, too. On request escort through the Marbach Castle possible.



Several boards of different length are compounded together according to an agreed plan. If a team needs several attempts and does not mark the boards, the time requirement can be significantly reduced through communication and exchange of...


Rhine swimming

For all early risers: Launch your day with a dip in the refreshing water of the Rhine. Before breakfast, you will be off to Stein am Rhein and enjoy the morning rest. Enjoy the glide in the river of the Rhine and for the brave ones, a jump...


Spider web

The vertically strained spider web must be overcome by all team members without touching the spider web. Each opening may only be used once. The openings are large enough enabling that the participants can stretch their body horizontally...

Team Painting

Team painting

An image expresses more than a thousand words. Be creative and design your own art to decorate your office!

Das längste Ruder der Welt

The longest rowing boat in the world

Train together in the longest rowing boat in the world. With its 42m length, the 24 oarsmen and helmsman, the rowing boat is an eye-catcher and simultaneously an experience of the extra-class. A team event with the motto “all in one boat”.


Wine tasting session

Wine is one of the oldest cultic plants of humanity. Enjoy a variety of regional wines at social gatherings and become acquainted with the wine region Lake of Constance. Special subjects like wine and chocolate are offered too. A wine...