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Most teams want more than to simply complete an agenda. They’re also looking for an enriching emotional experience, strengthening the personal bonds that enable them to excel. Together. Marbach’s event professionals are recognized experts in delivering activities to help your team form stronger emotional bonds to enhance creativity, motivation and teambuilding.

Our team and external partners are available to craft event packages that will inspire and bond your team and enhance its value to your business. Here is a glimpse into the world of experiences available at Marbach. And rest assured, there is much more.

If you prefer a personal consultation for the perfect teambuilding event at Lake Constance, we are of course also available for that: +49 7735 8130 or Contact.
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Activity Box

Activity Box

Toolbox of activities to promote communication, leadership skills and trust. The Activity Box is available to liven up your seminar or workshop and support learning content. It includes skipping ropes, a fiberglass pole, a tarp, blindfolds...

Abenteuer Everest

Adventure Everest

The intensive teambuilding event for summit strikers Which team will reach the summit of Mount Everest first? What is the best way to win: Competition or cooperation with the other teams? And which colleague can help to ensure that there...

Amazonas in Schloss Marbach


Experience team situations in a playful and impressive way The ability of teams to develop good, creative solutions under chaotic conditions is becoming increasingly important. The "Amazon" makes it possible to lead paths to success in an...



Focus on mindfulness: How archery promotes concentration In our fast-paced world, many people find it difficult to concentrate on one thing and live in the moment. Here, archery as a mindfulness exercise can be a valuable help. Because when...

Biertasting auf Schloss Marbach

Beer Tasting

Regional and sustainable beers from the Lake Constance region The Bierboutique Konstanz stands for unique beer enjoyment in all its facets. In the conviction that joie de vivre and beer enjoyment go hand in hand, we rely exclusively on the...

Erleben Kanadierfahrt


A sporty team event on the lake of Constance Embark on an exciting journey with your team that will not only strengthen your team skills but also create unforgettable memories. Canoeing offers the perfect opportunity to deepen the bonds...

Stein am Rhein Stadtführung

City tour through Stein am Rhein

An old town for architecture lovers Let yourself be impressed by the special architecture and the facade paintings in the lively little town of Stein am Rhein. You have the opportunity to explore the city in many ways and from different...


Climbing wall

By participating at our 15 meter high climbing wall the achievements of a team become visible when team members support and motivate each other. Every three participants try to climb the wall in a team as fast as possible. They cross a path above climbing handles, short wooden beams and rope pieces to reach the summit of the climbing wall as close as possible. The ground team secures and supports the climbers. The intensive cooperation within the 3er teams awakens the team spirit and allows performances which are initially designed to be impossible.


Collage in combination with painting

A team collage that will be remembered When a team creates a picture together, great things can come into being. Pictures, found objects and impressions of the seminar day are put on a canvas together. A wonderful exercise to communicate...

Gruen versus Rot

Color theory green and red

Color theory promotes memory The way in which colors reinforce and influence each other is just as exciting as working in the same color space Everyone works on their own canvas, which are later all joined together next to each other to...

Sinnes Parcour

Course of the Senses

All five senses are in demand! In the sound cabinet, at the smelling station, tasting, in the black box and looking closely. In small teams, you collect as much information as possible. At the end, you will summarize this information into a...

Eisstockschiessen auf Schloss Marbach


For teams with the right swing Teams with the right swing: the tradition of the team sport of curling dates back to the 13th century. Even then, the team concept was at the forefront, because then as now, victory can only be achieved...

Wildkräuterführung auf Schloss Marbach

Delightful guided tour of wild herbs

Using the power of medicinal herbs The natural park around Marbach Castle is ideal for guided tours of wild herbs. The spice of wild herbs, fresh spruce shoots and blossoms is a taste sensation. Together with our wild herb expert, you will...

Drachenboot rennen auf Schloss Marbach


Evoke the sporting spirit of your team Dragon boating originated in China and has been practised there for more than 2000 years. In dragon boating, the team members sit in a long boat that is usually decorated with a dragon's head and tail...


Draw portraits

Colleagues become artists Developing a teammate's personal expression and facial expressions to the point of portraiture is tried out together with experimental drawing techniques. Not only are new visual aspects discovered in colleagues...


Drawing Experimental and "Nature Study"

The creative drawing course for all sense Drawing sharpens perception. Found objects from nature become a revelation through seeing and are transformed into creative painting. Everyone can express themselves in their own sign language and...

Dutch Oven Feuer

Dutch Oven Team - Cooking

Delicious team event directly on the shore of Lake Constance A crackling fire by the lake brings back many a memory. Together with our chef you create an unforgettable dinner with the Dutch Oven, also called fire pot. The Dutch Oven is a...

E-Bike Tour auf Schloss Marbach

E-Bike Tour

The guided e-bike tour takes you and your colleagues out on powerful e-drives The guided e-bike tour takes you and your colleagues to selected sights on the western side of Lake Constance! With the Bosch Performance CX motor, cycling...

Solarboot Schloss Marbach

Eco-friendly boat tour

Spectacular views and culinary experiences on the Lake Constance solar boat The trip on the solar boat takes you along the picturesque coastal landscape of the Höri. Especially during sunset, it is a spectacular sight not to be missed. The...

Erlebniskäsen Schloss Marbach

Experience cheese

Making cheese together How is cheese made over an open fire? How is butter made and what is buttermilk made of? These and other questions are clarified while the participants make soft cheese and butter themselves. A snack made from the...


Float building

The teambuilding event for evening adventurers Building a seaworthy raft and then sailing together on Lake Constance: This strengthens the team spirit immensely. A material pool with barrels, squared lumber, boards, ropes and tension straps...

Waldbaden auf Schloss Marbach

Forest bathing

Forest bathing" in nature to find yourself "Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the forest": Together you will go on a slow and conscious walk in the castle forest, leave everyday life behind and focus on experiencing. Exercises in...

Get The Code Schloss Marbach Team Event

Get The Code - The Escape Teamgame

The Mysterious indoor and outdoor event Outside? Inside? Doesn't matter! The Team Escape Game "Get the CODE" adapts to the wishes and needs of your team. Because it is the first Escape Game that can also be played outside in the park of...


Gigantic ski

Finding the team rhythm In groups of about 5 people each, a given distance is covered on giant skis in the shortest possible time. The challenge here, the development of a locomotion technique, finding a common rhythm and communication...


Golf try-it-out course

With serve together to the finish Our idyllically situated 2-hole golf course with driving range and putting green offers the perfect setting for a first insight into the world of golf. With an experienced golf coach, you will learn the...


Guided hiking tour

Hiking on the half island Höri Our hiking trails lead through the forests, around Marbach Castle, through narrow forest ravines or along the panoramic path with a view of Lake Constance, with the surrounding historic villages. In the...


Helium rod

The team event that requires intuition The group lines up in two long rows, facing each other and shoulder to shoulder. All participants extend their index fingers, on which a single long stick is placed. The group's task is now to lower...

Hermann Hesse Museum

Herman Hesse Museum

On the trail of literary history with roots at Lake Constance The German poet and Nobel Prize winner for literature Hermann Hesse had his house built in Gaienhofen in 1907. For many years, the house with numerous memorabilia and the spirit...

Andrea Grudda Leadership Workshop Schloss Marbach

Leadership Workshop with Andrea Grudda

Identify trends in the economy and implement them together Andrea Grudda deals with the future viability of companies and is a strategist, author and speaker with enthusiasm. In her lectures she combines science, lifestyle and strength of...

Leonardos Brücke Schloss Marbach

Leonardos Brücke

Cooperation and communication tool Leonardo's Bridge is a communication and cooperation exercise. The spiritual father of this ingenious construction is none other than Leonardo Da Vinci. Wooden elements are used to jointly create a bridge...

Mac Museum Art and Cars Singen

MAC Museum Art & Cars

A place that combines art, architecture and classic cars Selected classic cars in the context of art, sensational light art in spectacular architecture, artificial and artistic staging in a natural landscape directly on the Hohentwiel -...


Marbach Triathlon

Around Marbach Castle With a combination of water and land you can get to know all facets of our surroundings. We will be happy to put together an individual tour for you consisting of cycling, hiking and/or canoeing. Of course, a rest...


Maze Carpet

A maze carpet with success goal The goal of this game is to find a predetermined, invisible path across a carpet of checkerboard-like squares. If a wrong field is entered, an alarm sounds and the team has to start over. Thus, little by...

Mountain E-Bike Tour auf Schloss Marbach

Mountain E-Bike Tour

Strong drives, great impressions for the whole team! The E-MTB tour for beginners offers a great insight into the world of bikes with electric drives! The tour takes you along the most beautiful paths around Radolfzell over hills, through...

Erleben Mountainbike

Mountainbike tour

Around Lake Constance beyond the borders With our mountain bikes you can explore the surroundings and the surrounding forests, enjoy the impressive view of the Untersee and the opposite Switzerland or for the sporty ambitious, dare the ride...

Seewifke Traditionssegelschiff

On board the traditional sailing ship

Enjoy Lake Constance aboard the Seewiefke The "Seewifke" is a historic traditional sailing ship with incomparable charm. Together with your team, you set sail with the guides and experience an unforgettable time. Sailing as a team event is...

Otto Dix Haus Museum Schloss Marbach

Otto Dix Museum and House

Connection through art and culture "The former residence of the Dix family is now owned by the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. It allows insights into the environment and the center of life of the entire Dix family. Otto Dix was born in 1891 in Gera...



Experience real performance improvement through intensive teamwork and communication What seems simple at first glance usually soon becomes a difficult task. Most group members are amazed at the incredible performance gains that follow when...

Quadtour Schloss Marbach

Quad Tour

A team event for brave teams. Explore the half island of Höri in a special way: With the quad! Explore the beautiful Lake Constance region in pairs or alone in a team. The agile vehicles are able to master almost any terrain without any...


Rhine swimming

Drifting with the current For all early risers Start the day with a jump into the refreshing water of the Rhine. Before breakfast, set off for Stein am Rhein and enjoy the morning calm. Swim with the current down the Rhine, let yourself...

Segway Tour Schloss Marbach

Segway Tour

Sightseeing of a special kind! Sightseeing of a special kind! Get to know the most beautiful places of your booked tour around the Höri peninsula and Untersee, floating on the Segway. Enjoy the nature and the impressive cultural highlights...

Hochseil Challenge

Sky ladder

Aiming high as a team The Sky Ladder Climbing Wall is a special climbing wall made of wood and shaped like a ladder. The Sky Ladder Climbing Wall is an ideal way to improve coordination, balance and climbing skills. The sky ladder climbing...

Seifenkistenrennen Schloss Marbach

Soapbox racing

Ultimate team race The soapbox race not only guarantees fun, but is also a real challenge for the whole team. Divided into groups, they build their own soapbox together, which is then of course also driven live on the race track. This...


Spider web

Time management and time pressure as a challenge The vertically strained spider web must be overcome by all team members without touching the spider web. Each opening may only be used once. The openings are large enough enabling that the...

Stand Up Paddling auf dem Bodensee

Stand Up Paddling

A walk on Lake Constance As a guest at one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Höri peninsula on Lake Constance, you have the opportunity to end your busy day with a special team event - Stand Up Paddling! Stand Up Paddling is an...

Segelschule Hemmenhofen_Schloss Marbach

Sundowner Sail

From the meeting onto the water Sparkling water, the tickling of the wind, the white sails in the wind, nature experiences on the lake and on the shore as well as the warm community on board - sailing awakens emotions. Cast off your lines...

Sup Yoga auf dem Bodensee

SUP Yoga

Pure relaxation through holistic yoga Yoga is a very old, holistic exercise system from India. It helps to balance body, mind and spirit and can also be translated as "unity", "connection" and "harmony".

Tee Degustation

Tea Tasting

Whether cold or hot, tea is always a pleasure. Our partner for this sensual program has developed special tea compositions out of enthusiasm and attachment to the medicinal plants she grows herself. We would like to pass on these healing...

Mofun Schloss Marbach

Team event on two wheels!

Discover Switzerland with Mofun! "Experience the ultimate team event with "Mofun Töfli", the exciting experience that welds your employees together and ensures unforgettable moments! Immerse yourself in the picturesque scenery of Stein am...



The Olympics that turns colleagues into a team With our Olympics, the participants get to know each other better, work out solutions together, complete tasks and end an exciting day in a relaxed atmosphere. Small teams go through stations...

Teamchallange Wald auf Schloss Marbach

Teamchallange Forest

A team challenge where people join hands! It's about joining hands, recognising competencies, eliminating weaknesses, helping each other and asking for help. Communication through interaction, cohesion through mastered challenges - our...

Das längste Ruder der Welt

The longest rowing boat in the world

Rowing experiences with perspective Train together in the longest rowing boat in the world. With its 42 m length, the 24 rowers and a coxswain, the rowing boat is an eye-catcher and at the same time a first-class experience for everyone. A...

Teambuilding Schloss Marbach Park

The Team bet

A team bet that brings colleagues together Your group will be given an extensive list of tasks with a variety of challenges, such as recording a short video, completing a special sports programme, constructing a mechanical device, sketching...

Krimi Dinner auf Schloss Marbach

Thriller Dinner

Pleasure and mysterious murders go together - at a mystery dinner The extraordinary mystery dinner interactive offers participants the opportunity to actively investigate a murder case and the questioning of suspects in different groups...


Wine tasting

For wine lovers and those who want to become one Enjoy a convivial get-together and get to know the Lake Constance wine region better. We offer various rooms for this purpose. Whether in winter in front of the fireplace or in summer on our...

Chater Bootstour Schloss Marbach

Workshop session on the boat

Creativity on the water: exclusive workshops and after-work tours with Sea Ray 200 PS! Experience creative ideas and absolute privacy! Discover the perfect, extraordinary location for your small group workshops - on the water! In an idyllic...

Speaker Martin Strobel auf Schloss Marbach

Workshop with Martin Strobel

Become a high-performing team player Nothing has shaped Martin Strobel as much as the sport of handball. In 17 years as a professional, he played a total of 147 international matches for Germany. In 2010, he won the EHF Cup with my team...


Yoga for Clear Minds

Begin your seminar activities with yoga exercises focused on free breathing techniques. Your conference participants will experience a sense of expanded breathing, a refreshing clarity of thought, and an alert, orderly calm at the heart...

Teamevents auf Schloss Marbach

Die Eventgestaltung für Ihr Teamevent am Bodensee ist nahezu unbegrenzt. Das vielseitig nutzbare Areal von Schloss Marbach ermöglicht die Umsetzung nahezu jedes Event-Formats. So erleben Sie die Atmosphäre von Schloss Marbach und seine Umgebung aus einer neuen Perspektive und profitieren von neuen Erfahrungen, guter Kommunikation, mehr Kreativität und besseren Lösungen.

Vielfältige und nachhaltige Angebote von Action bis Yoga

Ganz gleich, für welche Art von Teamevent Sie sich entscheiden - ob gemeinsames Lösen eines Kriminalfalls, actiongeladenes Seifenkistenrennen oder entspanntes Yoga im Schloss - gemeinsame Zeit verbringen und die atemberaubende Kulisse am Bodensee genießen, schweißt zusammen. Unsere vielfältigen Angebote für Teambuilding und Teamevents am Bodensee bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Ihre Veranstaltung individuell und einzigartig zu gestalten und auf die Bedürfnisse Ihrer Teilnehmer zuzuschneiden.

Mit unserer langjährigen Erfahrung stellen wir Ihnen gerne eine Auswahl an Events für Ihren Betriebsausflug, Firmenevent oder auch Teambuildung-Veranstaltung zur Verfügung, aus denen Sie das ideale für Ihre Gruppe auswählen können. Wir legen großen Wert darauf, dass Ihre Ziele und Wünsche für die Veranstaltung erfüllt werden. Möchten Sie die Kommunikation in Ihrem Team verbessern, die Teamfähigkeit stärken oder die Kreativität fördern? Sprechen Sie uns einfach an und wir finden gemeinsam die perfekte Lösung für Ihr Teamevent am Bodensee.

Entdecken Sie die Städte und Orte rund um den Bodensee

Neben den spannenden Teambuilding - Aktivitäten können Sie auch die Schönheit der Städte im Süddeutschland entdecken. Von Konstanz über Friedrichshafen bis hin zu Bregenz - die Region bietet eine Vielzahl an kulturellen und touristischen Attraktionen, die Ihren Betriebsausflug oder Firmenevent bereichern werden. Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit, gemeinsam mit Ihrem Team die Umgebung zu erkunden und das Teamevent am Bodensee zu einem unvergesslichen Incentiv - Erlebnis zu machen.

Feiern Sie Ihre Erfolge

Feiern Sie mit Ihren Kollegen ein aktives und aussergewöhnliches Teamevent! Lassen Sie den Teamgeist bei einem Sommerfest hochleben und entdecken Sie spannende Incentives für ein unvergessliches Teamevent. Ob actionreiche Aktivitäten im Freien, umweltbewusste Team-Building-Spiele oder nachhaltige Events, bei denen Sie gemeinsam Gutes tun - wir haben die passenden Angebote für Ihr Teamevent. Feiern Sie mit Ihren Kollegen ein unvergessliches Sommerfest und stärken Sie den Teamgeist auf nachhaltige Weise. Buchen Sie noch heute und geniessen Sie einzigartige Erlebnisse, das lange in Erinnerung bleiben werden!