Spider web


Time management and time pressure as a challenge

The vertically strained spider web must be overcome by all team members without touching the spider web. Each opening may only be used once. The openings are large enough enabling that the participants can stretch their body horizontally through the cobweb, but they are reliant on the strength of their team members which have literally to pass their team players through the threads. Now it is up on the team to set up a plan under time pressure who will use which opening in which order.


  • Fun & Action
  • Training

    Topic / Methaphor:

  • Co Creation
  • Communication
  • Organisation development
  • Project management

    Group size:

  • up to 10 pers.
  • 10-20


  • one hour


  • All-season
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

    Price per person up

  • € 0,00