Delectable dining

Nourish all your senses

If the way to one’s heart is through the stomach, we believe the same idea applies to successful meetings. Participants who work hard all day deserve the nourishment and enjoyment of the best culinary experience available. With an emphasis on fresh seasonal ingredients, our chef’s creations will provide you energy throughout the day. Whether breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch or dinner in the restaurant, or a BBQ by the Boathouse, the experience is exceptional. Especially when impressive scenery complements heavenly culinary creations, your experience of Marbach magic is complete.

A place where indulgence is an experience

Castle restaurant

Our cozy and rustic restaurant is located in the original preserved cross vault of the Castle’s historic foundations. In colder months, the scent of glowing logs in the fireplace provide a home-like atmosphere while in summer the spacious terrace with its breathtaking views of Lake Constance invites to linger. Our chef’s creations offer sophisticated, delicious treats - mostly regional, with an international touch whilst wine connoisseurs will delight in the fine collection of wines. Pure indulgence Marbach style.

Castle terrace - the view

Experiencing an early morning sun rise over Lake Constance or the breathtaking panoramic view from the Caste’s magnificent terrace is a real treat. One feels the energy coming from the beauty of the scenery, directly at the foot of the lake which even inspired famous painters like Otto Dix. Whether during aperitif, a delicious meal or attending a celebration the beauty of the surrounding nature enriches communication, triggers inspiration and the wish to enjoy this wonderful atmosphere forever.

Panorama Terrace

An energising place with a panoramic view. The expansive view of the Swiss shore of Lake Constance helps our conference guests to overcome mental barriers and develop innovative ideas. The outdoor meeting, the aperitif at sunset or the barbecue under the open sky completes every event and makes it an elementary experience. Not only our conference guests benefit from this location, the Panorama Terrace is also an ideal place for open-air weddings.

Coffee breaks

The coffee break areas are always in the immediate vicinity of the booked conference rooms and are very generously designed. Thus, the conference guests in the castle enjoy the coffee breaks directly in our foyer with a view of the Lake of Constance. Our lobby area in the towers invites participants from the conference room and gallery to linger. Participants from the Bella Vista meet directly in the cafeteria integrated into the building.
A wide range of coffee breaks, available for exclusive use, provides the ideal basis for quickly regenerating the energy needed for the successful continuation of a conference. Whether healthy, sweet or savoury - the choice is yours.

Boat house - the idyll

Scenic Marbach Castle, the wonderful park and picturesque Lake Constance make a unique attraction. To top this the charming boathouse right on the lakeshore with beautiful panoramic view is one of the most sought locations on Marbach Castle grounds. Whether for cocktails, barbecue, fondue evening or team cooking (e.g. with Dutch Oven) the possibilities are abundant.

Combine this with the flexibility and hospitality of the Marbach team and your most individual wishes will be fulfilled.

Fireplace Lounge

The Fireplace Lounge is located directly in the foyer of the castle, generously designed to continue the conversations of the day by the fireside, in conversation of two or in a group. Whether you want to enjoy the view over the shores of Lake Constance through the floor-to-ceiling windows or talk intensively about the previous day, our blue wave landscape sofa completes your evening and promises sophisticated cosiness after an innovative day of work. To guarantee the privacy of our groups, all our bars can be booked exclusively.

Jaegerbar - the legend

In every conference venue, the bar is a very important place: there in a casual atmosphere by the log fire and with discreet background music the activities of the day find an intense and often informal ending. The Jaeger Bar is legendary for its ambiance and well stocked self-service bar where conversations of the day continue, colleagues become friends and many ideas turn out successful ventures later on.

The Jaeger Bar – the best place to round off the day.

Golf bar - the hide-away

Set in a rustic cabin near the forest’s edge, the Golf Bar is the perfect setting for relaxed communication, celebration…and party time. The Golf Bar’s cozy atmosphere offers a Swedish fireplace, self-service bar, and a bit of distance from the rest of the campus when the evening may continue a bit longer or louder. It is also a perfect spot for small, intimate group meetings and Q&A sessions, or even a daytime base for participants taking on the challenge of the nearby climbing wall.


Conference veterans have been spreading the word about what may be our best-kept secret: Schloss Marbach is also available for celebrating special occasions like weddings, birthdays, company anniversaries or any unique event you may have in mind. Your party will experience unforgettable moments in these exceptional surroundings. Let the Marbach professional team set the stage for your event…your guests will be blown away by the famous Marbach spirit.