Work and nature: equilibrium

Action and relaxation in balance

You expect the time and resources you invest in meetings to deliver results. And high energy levels and participation need to be balanced with activities to restore body and mind.
Marbach’s cozy and secluded setting, clean air, and the natural preserve of our scenic lakeside location appeal to all the senses and enhance mindfulness. We offer extensive options for indoor and outdoor sports activities, all year round. Choices include: swimming in Lake Constance, hiking, biking or running in striking natural surroundings, or exercising at any time of day in our well-equipped Technogym fitness center.
Almost countless options to support the achievement of sustainable results!


Workout with a lake view. For those who don't want to drop out of the training schedule even during a conference, there is a fully equipped fitness room with machines for endurance and strength training. A very special highlight is the panoramic view over the lake and the park.

Lake Constance

Lake Constance The lake is calling. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe and gives Marbach Castle this uniquely beautiful atmosphere. Especially on the picturesque shore of Marbach Castle. Direct access to the lake is pure luxury for guests of Marbach Castle. Whether for a refreshing swim, a cool-down for the feet in between or as a sporty balance. Swimming in the clear waters of Lake Constance invigorates body and soul. But from so many places in the wonderful park landscape, our guests also simply enjoy "just" the wonderful lake view with changing moods.

Outdoor - Sports

17 hectares of parkland attract visitors to the natural surroundings of Marbach Castle, whatever the weather. The outdoor selection in Marbach is diverse. From energizing walks in the forest to aerial-internal power jogging routes, rental mountain bikes, a 2-hole golf course, as well as a tennis court with artificial surface that can be used in summer and much more. Marbach leaves nothing to be desired.