Successful business meetings focus on results. Enhancing leadership and innovation. Sharpening strategy and communication. Inspiring development and celebrating success.

This is why executive teams, professional and creative groups, functional departments and decision-makers of all kinds return to Schloss Marbach…the ideal off-site venue for breakthrough thinking and team building.

It is a challenge to describe the magic of Marbach until you have experienced it. Envision a refuge that inspires both heart and mind. High tech and high touch: a superb conference environment, expert event designers, professional support. Add award-winning cuisine, luxurious amenities, and a breathtaking natural setting, and you can understand why our clients depart this extraordinary place with new insights, sound action plans…and thoughts of returning soon.

Can we explain the magic of Schloss Marbach? Ask us. We will try.

Gerald Novak

Gerald Nowak, Managing Director and conference professional

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"Participants develop their ideas in perfect conclave."

Cafeteria Bella Vista
Bella Vista Outdoor

Exploring together


Today’s business teams face tough challenges. The successful ones communicate effectively, overcome perceived limits, share insights and experiences, and pursue a common mission...the keys to breaking through.

Marbach can spark your team’s breakthrough capabilities, with a broad menu of options to support your mission and objectives. World-class accommodations and meeting facilities. Unique activities to engage the mind, heart and body. A professional team that focuses on possibilities rather than limitations.

Ask us how.

"Lone flighters become teams."

Kanu am See
Terrasse Schloss Marbach

The ideal conference environment


Many of our clients have access to their own state-of-the-art meeting facilities. Then why do they choose Marbach again and again? They will mention the refuge, the change of scenery, our dedicated conference team, the service and comfort. Oh, and the innovative cuisine.

But the results matter most. At Marbach, our guests enjoy the professional support and genuine hospitality that enables them to focus on meeting their objectives. Bottom line.

The digital world can provide a great deal, but never the inspiration of a beautiful place, or the warmth of personal engagement and authentic hospitality. These can provide the elements of a truly successful conference…and successful outcomes.

Startseite Leidenschaft

Hosts with passion.

Coaching Top Executive Team requires a perfect context. And Schloss Marbach provides one of these rare contexts: A unique blend of a magic surrounding, highly professional meeting facilities and outstanding hospitality. It is this very special combination that creates the "Spirit of Marbach": An exceptional retreat [...]
Dr. Kai Dierke, Dierke Houben Associates, Zurich
We were able to spend two magnificent days at Marbach Castle all were thrilled by the wonderful surroundings and the extremely friendly and helpful employees as well as the flawless organization of our event. the beautiful and relaxed atmosphere has enabled us to work very focused.
Calvin Grieder, Bühler, Uzwil
Thanks to your professionalism and amicable manners we enjoyed our sojourn at Marbach castle to the maximum - the location, the food, the service and - for the first time - the exceptionally well-organized outdoor-activities, which challenged us very much and were mastered by our team with a lot of enthusiasm at the [...]
Mathieu Meyer, KPMG, Stuttgart
Marbach Castle is the place where our colleagues from all over the world meet. It is the center of our professional development initiatives and at the same time the ideal location in the midst of nature where we can both in small and large teams reflect on our actions and think about the future or work on important [...]
Antoine de Saint-Affrique, CEO, Barry Callebaut, Zurich
The senior officials of the District office of Konstanz recently held an extremely successful seminar at your establishment. The success of this event was largely due to the superb atmosphere and the friendly, attentive manner in which we were looked after by your staff.
Frank Hämmerle, Admin, Landratsamt Konstanz


We look forward to working with you to make Your event a great success.

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