Schloss Marbach: Your conference hotel in the immediate vicinity of Switzerland

Nothing contributes more to the success of a company than a team of well-trained and motivated employees. However, working together as a team also often poses challenges for colleagues. Be it the encounter of many different characters or a task that is new for all team members. No matter what the decisive reason is, an event in our conference hotel near Switzerland will bring you a few steps closer to your goal.

Just about everyone knows the situation from their everyday work: a new client brings unprecedented issues, there is a major change in work processes or a new team is launched. In all these situations and many more, it can be advantageous to tackle them outside the usual working environment. Because everyone knows: a new environment also brings new ideas. So how about bringing the participants concerned together in an idyllic conference hotel near Switzerland? We at Marchbach Castle offer you an environment directly on Lake Constance to gather ideas, get to know each other and recharge your batteries with new motivation.

Experience a successful and comfortable time in our premises

With years of experience in hosting conferences, Marbach Castle not only offers itself as a venue for German companies, but also as a conference hotel for visitors from Switzerland. We offer a wide range of rooms, individually adapted to your group size and needs. Get together in one of the 14 rooms in the castle and the annex Bella Vista. Or do you prefer a more unusual team meeting? How about an outdoor meeting, a conference in the boathouse or a golf meeting? There are no limits to creativity at Marbach Castle.

After work comes pleasure: more than just a conference hotel near the Swiss border

After the work is done, pleasure should not be neglected either. We are happy to welcome you in our castle restaurant, the boathouse or the Jägerbar. In good weather, we like to move the culinary experience outside to our castle terrace. As you can see, we are more than just a seminar hotel near Switzerland, we also put physical well-being first. Our direct access to the lake also offers you a wide range of leisure activities. Recharge your batteries for meetings by cooling off in Lake Constance or simply enjoy the magnificent view of the Swabian Sea. You don't have to miss out on sporting activities in our conference hotel next to Switzerland either. In our fitness centre, a wide range of equipment is available to you. Finally, after a successful but also long day, we look forward to welcoming you to one of our comfortable rooms for an overnight stay.

So you see: Marbach Castle offers you and your team an all-round carefree package for productive work and joint relaxation.