Adventure Everest

Abenteuer Everest

The intensive teambuilding event for summit strikers

Which team will reach the summit of Mount Everest first? What is the best way to win: Competition or cooperation with the other teams? And which colleague can help to ensure that there are always enough provisions in the bags and that the climbers are not caught in a thunderstorm? A team event that is all about strategy, trust and crisis management.


  • Training

    Topic / Methaphor:

  • Activation / Ice breaker
  • Co Creation
  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning

    Group size:

  • up to 10 pers.
  • 10-20
  • 20-40
  • from 50 pax.


  • half day


  • Summer
  • All-season

    Price per person up

  • € 120,00