Eco-friendly boat tour

Solarboot Schloss Marbach
Solarboot Schloss Marbach
Solarboot Schloss Marbach

Spectacular views and culinary experiences on the Lake Constance solar boat

The trip on the solar boat takes you along the picturesque coastal landscape of the Höri. Especially during sunset, it is a spectacular sight not to be missed. The Lake Constance solar boat is an environmentally friendly way to explore the lake and enjoy the beauty of the region. Solar boats are equipped with solar cells that convert the sun's energy into electrical energy and power the engine. They are quiet and emission-free, helping to reduce environmental impact. For a team event on the solar boat, you can also book various catering options, such as a buffet or finger food. A wine tasting or a tasting of local products is also possible. So you can make the team event on the ferry a culinary experience.


  • Fun & Action
  • Gourmet
  • In the region

    Topic / Methaphor:

  • Activation / Ice breaker
  • Communication
  • Team

    Group size:

  • 10-20
  • 20-40


  • two hours


  • Summer
  • Outdoor

    Price per person up

  • € 30,00