Marbach Castle Conference and Training Centre


An experience to remember

Marbach Castle and its grounds offer everything you need to turn your conference into a memorable experience. If there are any special features you would like to incorporate into your programme, we will be happy to rise to the challenge.

Sporting activities

Exercise – ideally outdoors – is an effective form of recreation and will enable you to concentrate better at a conference.

Fun for the whole team

Having fun together, learning something new together, experiencing or even pushing back boundaries, achieving a common objective…

Enlivening breaks

Entertaining team exercises help to regain energy and concentration. The 5 or 10 minutes each of these activities will take are well worth the interruption. Some examples:

Culture and nature

Interesting excursions are another good way to complement your conference. The Lake Constance region provides a wealth of sightseeing opportunities right on the doorstep.